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Optimize your cash management

Our great team has accumulated vast experience in cash management and optimization.

CashDevs’ solutions revolutionize the management of cash in retail, banking and CIT. 

CashDev Group prides itself on its flexibility.

 Our electronics department is continually improving and adapting our components.

Our IT department develops, enhances and integrates our software all over the world.

Finally the in house CAD design team continually innovates new products in line with clients requirements.   

We are sure we have the expertise to support you on your project.

We support all our new and existing distributor network globally. Ensuring all our distributors have the necessary expertise and service standards to ensure our clients cash management is always at optimum performance levels.


For over 20 years CashDev has delivered numerous solutions in various environments including financial, retail and transport sectors. 

Whether its payments, withdrawals, deposits, forex, CIT or gaming you can be sure we have the right solution for you. 

CashDev will continue to invest in understanding its customers and their specific needs including any geographical, legislative or sectoral challenges. Ensuring that all our solutions continue being perfectly tailored to their environments.

All our team members share our core values in whatever their role at CashDev, always striving for the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

Respect :                                          

We provide our employees a pleasant work environment: work/life balance, daytime hours, ….

Well-being  :                                        

We give all our employees the opportunity to find their place in our company and to fulfill themselves professionally, regardless of their age, sex, status…

 Commitment:                                                                                                                   Our mission is to offer innovative solutions to make cash sustainable. And for that, we can count on each other. 

     Listening :                                

We are attentive to the requests and             remarks of our  employees, our suppliers     and our customers  to continue to                   improve. 

For a personalized study or a request for information, contact us by mail or at +33 (0) 9 80 40 50 20.

9, rue du Général de Gaulle 88120 Vagney, FRANCE