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CasDev Group is a French company composed of people with a long and strong experience in the cash processing area all sectors taken together : retail, public transportation, banks, casinos, cash in transit company...



This many years old expertise allows us to manage every sector with its own issues in order help companies to design and develop their innovative projects. Our preconisation are based in a truely technical know-how. We find this exepertise in our ranges products allowing us to adapted it at every sector and our flexibility allows us to provide specific solutions.



Commercialisation of our products is done by distributors whith whom we have a privileged partnership. This approach guaranteed a quality of services and therefore an optimal user satisfaction.

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Our Research office

Our whole range of products is created by our own design and research office.

This independancy enables us to adapt to the particular needs of some clients elaborating and developing by ourselves innovative solutions.


More than a simple adaptation of our existing products we can create a brand new product from a specific demand.

This new solution will be either the corresponding product to the technical specifications given at the beginning of the project or the result of partnership with a continuous exchange on the wished functionalities.


CashDev Group put 25% of its turnover every year in the R&D section.

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our production

As well as our products conception we also have the complete control on our softwareand programs which are created and maintained internally.


Thanks to our strong experience, we know since our creation a continue increase of our turnover (More than 20% per year). Furthermore, thanks to our partnership we are present in more 25 countryin the world as Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Australia, Mexico...


More than 2000 systems are installed around the world.


Our After-sales service

Our sales-service team composed to 5 competent staff offers different service to our cutomers in order to answer as better to their expectations.


  • A technical support
  • A complete formation to our new customers
  • A maintain to the modules that are returned to us with a fast process return


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